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"Life With....Zach, Ashes, and Tigger"

    Yes indeed, a whole page dedicated to my "other babies".  They are pretty darn special....
    Zachary, 10 years old and a Pekingese,  is definitely a "mama's boy", following me everywhere I go.  He is just the sweetest dog with the best disposition.  I used to take him with me to a nursing home at which I once worked, and the residents just adored him.  He gave them alot of joy.
    Ashes, 6 years old, aka "Princess Pain In The Butt", can be pretty sweet and lovable 'when she wants to be'.  She's your typical "I'll let YOU know when I'm in the mood..." cat, kind of stand-offish at times.  I have to admit, though, that lately she has become more loving and wanting alot more attention.  She'll frequently now jump up in one of our laps (mainly Ryan's) and then go all the way up to your neck and nuzzle it.  One thing she has always done is sleep on me somewhere every single night, usually on my stomach area. 
    And then there's Tigger, 7 years old,  and oh what a doll!  We adopted him about 3 years ago when he was abandoned out in the middle of nowhere when we learned that a family we lived by took him to a neighborhood about a mile away and just dropped him off.  The worse part was that the "lady" of the household not only took her 3 kids with her, but took my son along for the ride as well.  Ryan came home sobbing and said, "I just keep seeing Tigger standing there looking at us as we drove away, Mom."  It took about a millisecond to decide to go find him.  We really lucked out, as it was about to get dark, and Ryan wasn't exactly sure where this neighborhood was.  Lo and behold, Tigger was at the first house of the first area we went into.  Now, we had to chase him down because he was so scared, but we did finally get him home.  We were going to get him adopted thru "Dreampower", but as we were taking care of him, we fell in love and adopted him ourselves.  He loves attention like no other cat I've ever seen, and he has a purring motor that is as loud as one of my husband's old cars (a 'slight' exaggeration..ha!). 
        Anyway...there you have it, the 'Reader's Digest Version' of the 'Bauder Family Pets'.  We hope you love and take care of your pets like we do ours.  If you don't, then please find them another home where they're truly wanted and cared for.  Besides The Humane Society, there are adoption agencies that will take care of them (with a guarantee of placement, never euthanasia) until they are adopted by a loving family.  Here in Colorado Springs there's "Dreampower", "Nine Lives Rescue" and a few others.  All you have to do is check the yellow pages or one of your local veterinarians.  Also, like Bob Barker says, "help control the pet population; have your pets spayed or neutered"  "Chow!"



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